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I have been teaching Pilates for almost 15 years. I first started using it as a rehab tool in my role as a Physiotherapist. When I set up my own clinic in 2011 I thought I would start a few classes just to keep me busy while I got started. Little did I know that within 5 years I would be teaching 20 classes a week and employing more instructors to keep up with the demand! Pilates Anywhere was developed because so many people who came to my classes would say that the had every intention of practising at home but that "it wasn't the same" or they "couldn't remember what to do". No longer is that a problem. With workouts added weekly you can choose anything from a quick stretch to a whole body workout. Delivered to your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

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Step by step instruction from the comfort of your home (or anywhere!)